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You can enjoy our rustic architecture and appreciate all the sounds of nature!
In our hostel you will find silence, commodity, hospitality and all of this, inside an amazing natural landscape!

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Hospitality is our own nature!

We are appreciators of our origins and ancestry’s. They are our identity, part of us! We are responsible to preserve the legacy of our ancestors. Our mission is to disclose, promote and boost one of the most beautiful villages of Portugal, noun Cidadelhe! This Village has an inestimable cultural and natural background heritage. Come discover this Village located in the Côa valley region, get to know more about the history, monuments, landscapes, mysteries and secrets.
“Preservation of our ancient time is framing the future!”

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Côa Valley

The Côa river source is in Malcata mountain range, and flows as an affluent into the Douro river.

In the last course of the Côa river Valley we can see all the Paleolithic art and archaeological sites. The schist rocks that occupy the valley have been converted into art canvases with hundreds of engravings.

The Côa river Valley is one of the world´s most important rock art sites, displaying open-air artistic manifestations from different moments of Prehistoric, Protohistoric and Historic time.

This Paleolithic open-air engravings show how this place is so special and significant, that is why it was classified as the Word Heritage by UNESCO.

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To Visit

Along the Côa River, we can see all the expressive art of men´s of Paleolithic.

In consequence of the recognition of the cultural heritage, history and artistic interest of this rock art sites it was created in 1996, the Côa Valley Archeological Park .

The purpose of this foundation is to manage, protect and disclose the Côa Valley rock art.

The Côa Valley Archaeological Park has more than 70 different sites, with many rock´s art manifestations.

The rock art sites were classified as Word Heritage by UNESCO in 1998.

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Faia Rock Art Site

This rock art site is located in Cidadelhe and belongs to the Valley Archeological Park.

It has a singular interest, due to the techniques utilized in the Paleolithic engravings, such as the paintings.

This Côa art site was listed as National Monument in 1997 and was inscribed on UNESCO Word Heritage list in 1998.

The motifs and techniques used in the engravings are related to the representation of animals, ancient wild bullock and goat; it also represented the movement, horseman's, men's, long cavalry spear, and related to a modern age, the figuration of mills.

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Côa Museum

There is so much to find out if you visit the Côa Museum! You would appreciate the nature, the impressive landscapes of Côa Valley and will know more about the Paleolithic engravings.

Also, the story and history of the men´s Upper Paleolithic age, theirs testimony and world representation.

The Côa Museum objective is to promote the Paleolithic rock art of Côa Valley.

The museum exhibits original pieces of movable art; it also has some interactive zones with digital technology, a library with many scientific and archaeological books and organizes visits to the rock art sites in the Côa Valley with specialized guides.

" This project is promoted by Associação de Desenvolvimento de Territórios do Côa with the purpose of dynamize the Côa Valley region, disclose the natural, cultural, archaeological and historic heritage of this region. The Côa Valley Grand Route consists of 220 km of marked pedestrian, bicycle or equestrian trail, linking the Côa river spring to the river mouth, across 5 counties (Sabugal, Almeida, Pinhel, Figueira de Castelo Rodrigo and Vila Nova de Foz Côa. Visit the Côa Valley Grand Route, glimpse the amazing landscapes. Come and find out about its history, people, community, monuments and more! "
Welcome to Cidadelhe Village!




 Figueira de Castelo Rodrigo

 Vila Nova de Foz Côa

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The Art

Historic Value
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Douro International Natural Park

Protected Nature Area
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Faia Brava

Protected Nature Area
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The Community

Hospitality is our own nature

Come and visit us. Cidadelhe awaits for you!

Cidadelhe Rupestre Turismo Rural - Lda
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